Do you ever tell people that the song you’ve written is about them?

The Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical goes to… Sara Ramirez!

favorite grey’s anatomy brotps (as voted by my followers)

↳ derek shepherd and mark sloan (#3)

“I have read my OTP fall in love a thousand times, and I shall read my OTP fall in love a thousand times more”

— Me (via aphdaze)


“If I ever become lesbian, I think I could do very well.” - Laura Prepon

Meredith Grey in every episode (1/?) [insp]


make me choose | adinamya asked: M.A.G.I.C. or M.A.C. + Lexie, April, Jackson

Demi World Tour - Raleigh, NC - September 12, 2014.

Demi singing skyscraper to a little girl. (x)

@ddlovato: Raleigh.. You were amazing!!! I love this tour.. #demiworldtour

Cast of ‘Orange is the New Black’ // EMMY Magazine (photo by Steve Schofield) // 2014


Brenda Song and Raven Symone run into each other at the gym and exchange numbers while Trace Cryus looks on. June, 2014